Surrogate Process

The Surrogate Process

The Surrogate Process

For our intended parents and surrogate mothers, you may look upon your upcoming journey with concern for the unknown. However, we at Future Generations are committed to the success and ease of the process by offering both parties caring support and communication. We recognize the magnitude of your decision and the likelihood of questions to arise. So we are here for you, every step of the way.

If you have made the generous decision to carry a child for an individual or a couple who is unable to conceive or carry a baby on their own, we extend our thanks! You play a vital role in the fulfillment of our clients’ long-awaited dreams of parenthood. This couldn’t happen without you! And we promise to partner with you through the entirety of your experience. Before you begin though, we wanted to inform you of exactly what to expect.

Our surrogacy process depend on the best possible surrogacy experience!

The Surrogate Process

Step 1:

Fill out our application diligently and thoughtfully. Upon submission and evaluation, we will contact you!

Step 2:

You will consult with our surrogate mother coordinator. She will discuss with you the process in even further detail.

Step 3:

Our surrogate mother coordinator will conduct a thorough evaluation that will address your medical history, genetics, physical and psychological conditions. This information will be passed along to our intended parents, followed by a meeting with your potential match. A consultant will facilitate these meetings to assure that important details are addressed and considered.

Step 4:

You will be asked to complete a series of medical and psychological screenings and paperwork to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Step 5:health and care of the

A legal contract between the intended parents and surrogate will be arranged and signed with the counsel of legal professions.

Step 6:

You IVF medical cycle will begin. Your case manager will prepare you with an agenda for doctor’s appointments and medication start dates. We will accompany you to important appointments for your support as your body prepares for the embryo transfer.

Step 7:

Upon your anticipated pregnancy, you will continue to have IVF follow up appointments wherein you’ll receive ultrasounds and blood work. At ten weeks, you will be released to your OBGYN for the remainder of your pregnancy. We will be there for your support for the entirety of the pregnancy and delivery to ensure your positive and healthy experience.

We commend your incredible decision for surrogacy and thank you for your commitment to the health and care of the child you carry. And we promise to assist your needs and concerns through the entire process. Together, we will welcome a new life into the homes of our intended parents!

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