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Success Story: New Life After Heartbreak

Success Story

New Life After Heartbreak

At Future Generation, we cultivate hope and the Possibility for Deserving Parents. And in our years devoted to surrogacy and egg donation, we’ve taken part in some amazing journeys. It is our motivation and our joy to see the success of our clients. In recollection of redeemed hopelessness, we feel excited to help others.

New Life After Heartbreak futuregenerationusa

Remember the Heartbreak

We will always remember the heartbreak, so evident on their faces, of the couple who walked into our office one afternoon. Tragedy had recently befallen the small family when their 18-year-old son was killed in a car accident. In the wake of their sudden loss, the pair explained their utter hopelessness. He was their only child. And though they longed to have another, the mother, at age 45, was physically unable. So, they came to us. Never had we seen such devastating- the loss of their beloved son and the compounding dispair of not being able to have another child. Thankfully though, we knew we could offer some help.

The couple decided to use an egg donor and one of our experienced surrogates mothers to have a child of their own. And the process went perfectly. Accompanied by our staff, the surrogate mother became pregnant upon the first embryo transfer. Throughout her pregnancy, she and the couple were able to communicate and develop their relationship. The Future Generation staff and the surrogate mother felt honored to have a role in this redemptive and hopeful journey. Our surrogate mother was especially cared for and assisted through every step of her pregnancy. And when the child was born, it was welcomed into the arms of not only its loving parents but among the people who made his life possible.

Now, the couple has a healthy and happy baby, all because of the efforts of the Future Generation staff and our amazing egg donors and surrogates. New life was given to this loving couple, and their joy was restored. This is what we at Future Generation hope to accomplish for all of our intended parents. Reach out and see what we can do for you and your family.

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