Meeting Your Surrogate For the First Time

For both the intended parent(s) and the surrogate, the entire surrogacy process can be an emotional pursuit. That’s why we at Future Generation are proud to facilitate the relationship between the two parties- for the benefit of each individual’s journey as well as for the resulting health of the baby. And the establishment of this vital relationship is critical. First meeting your surrogate can be an exciting, nerve-wracking, and emotionally overwhelming experience. So, make sure that you are well prepared!

Tips for your first meeting with your surrogate:

1. Do your research and come prepared. Make sure to read over your surrogate’s profile. Get a good understanding of who she is as she will soon play an important role in your life. And be prepared to ask her questions. This is your opportunity to learn more about her and to establish your relationship with one another. So be sure to ask insightful and meaningful questions.

2. Some questions are more beneficial to ask than others. We at Future Generation will ensure that your surrogate is prepared for the process. So, there is no need for you to make financial or medical inquiries. You can simply trust the process of our surrogate- intended parent(s)-match as you engage in this conversation. And instead, you should ask questions about their family, interests, hobbies, and motivations for taking part in this process. These will allow you to begin building your relationship and grow in understanding of one another.

3. Allow the surrogate to ask questions about yourself as well. This relationship is important to both parties, and your surrogate would like to get to know. So, don’t do all the talking and invite her to ask questions and learn information about yourself. Be sure that she feels valued at the start of this journey.

4. Establish communication expectations. Communication will be critical in the surrogacy process. So make sure to set boundaries, expectations, and an understanding of how communication will be conducted. Will you speak weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? Will you talk over the phone or in-person? Will the surrogate provide the intended parent with progress pictures? And how will communication look after the birth? These are all critical questions to consider as they are foundational to how you work together and to the health of your relationship.

5. Trust that you have been paired with an ideal match. At Future Generation, we strive for the absolute best surrogate-intended parent pairings. The surrogate with whom you meet has been selected for your particular needs and is invested in your ambitions and dreams for parenthood. They have proven their ability to carry your child with the utmost care. So, upon your arrival at this important meeting, you can rest assured that this person has your best interest in mind. You can simply establish a partnership and begin this incredible journey.

Whether you feel anxious, excited, scared, or all of the above upon first meeting your surrogate, we at Future Generation are here for you. We strive to make the surrogacy process as seamless as possible and hope for a wonderful relationship between you and your surrogate. So, as you prepare for this first meeting, be assured that we are here for you and ready to support your needs. At Future Generation, we prioritize these relationships and the wellbeing of all parties involved.

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