Intended Parents

Through The Journey


The idea of having a child was your motivation to seek our help. And we understand that having a child is what is most important for you. Future Generation is the perfect choice to assist you on this journey and your endeavor to welcome a child into your home.

The Partnership Between The Intended Parents And A Surrogate Is Essential

A healthy and happy partnership will lead to a healthy and happy baby. At Future Generation, we know how important this connection is, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every detail receives thorough attention. In your anticipation for your baby, we are committed to making this process as joyous and exciting as possible. Though the surrogacy journey may seem long and unfamiliar, we are determined to promote security and confidence in your experience. Future Generation is there at every step to provide our intended parents with the assurance that they need.

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Step by Step

What Is The Process?

We ask all of our intended parents to fill out an application that informs us of how we can serve you exceptionally well. This application will start you on your journey toward parenthood. Future Generation guides you through every step of your surrogacy process, making it entirely comprehensive.


Complete Application Form

Fill out the application form in detail. The information you provide will help us get to know you and start to learn some of your expectations during this process.

Consultation Stage

During the initial consultation stage, our intended-parents coordinator will discuss your expectations during the surrogacy journey. You can express all of your concerns and desires during this process. The consultation allows you to become more familiar with the surrogacy process and all that will take place on this journey.

Selection Process

Select your Egg donor, or Sperm Donor (if applicable) – Many intended parents choose to use egg or sperm donors. We will work with you to select the best match, complete the donation process and continue onto the next steps.

Select Surrogate Mother

Our surrogate mothers have generously committed themselves to change someone else’s life. We have a selection of amazing surrogates’ profiles you can review to find the best match for your family.

Surrogate Mother Matching

The partnership between a surrogate and intended parents is essential. We work to create the best possible connection between both parties to foster a loving environment in which the baby will develop. We manage a meeting with the surrogate mothers in person or through Skype.

Agency Agreement/Paperwork

We work closely with the intended parents and surrogates to cover every detail of the surrogacy process. We handle all the necessary paperwork and provide you with the confidence you need.

Legal Contracts

Legal contracts are an essential aspect of the surrogacy process. We partner with professional and experienced surrogacy attornies who will assist you with the entire legal contacts, making the whole process as smooth as possible.

IVF Process

Whether you choose to use your eggs or select a donor, Future Generation will be with you every step of the way. If you decide to use your eggs and undergo IVF treatments, we will provide consultation for this process as well as offer recommendation for an IVF clinic.


Once we transfer the embryos, we will patiently await the confirmation of conception. As an expectant parent, we understand that this is what you have been waiting for. We will facilitate the entire process and supervision of doctors and appointments.

Final Legal Process

The final legal paperwork is an essential aspect of surrogacy. We work with all intended parents and surrogates to arrange the final legal paperwork.


Now comes the most joyous part of the surrogacy process: the long-awaited birth of your new child. We arrange travel and housing for intended parents as necessary. After the birth of your child, our concierge service will assist you with any additional necessary arrangements including birth certificates.

Additional International Service

For any international parents, Future Generation will arrange travel and housing, childcare and after birth documents for the baby. Through our concierge service, we assist our international parents with any other necessary arrangements including the birth certificate, passport, visa, and registration for your baby.