How to Become a Surrogate and Signs That You Should

How to Become a Surrogate and Signs

How to Become a Surrogate and Signs That You Should

Surrogate and SignsIf you’ve ever thought of becoming a surrogate mother but didn’t know how to begin the process, you’re not alone. With so many prerequisites and requirements that come along with this undertaking, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the decision. That’s why we at Future Generation strive to provide explicit details for your journey. In this article, we’ll discuss how to become a surrogate and indications that you’d be a great fit for the role.

To begin, it is first imperative that you assess your motives for the decision. With the heartbreak of infertility, parent hopefuls often turn to the opportunity that surrogacy and IVF provide. So, as a surrogate mother, you have the chance to change the lives of these intended parents forever. However, the decision to pursue surrogacy is one that should not be taken lightly. It must be done as an altruistic act- one that is founded in compassion for the couple in need. In addition to your motives, it is also necessary that your physical and psychological state is in check– for the health of yourself and the child you carry. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, make sure to review these requirements before pursuing the process.

  • Must hold residence in California, Nevada, Oregon or Texas
  • Must be in good reproductive and physical health
  • Must prove no indication of significant health issues or concerns
  • With in the age range or 21-38 years old
  • Must be a non-smoker and have no history of drug use
  • Has carried and delivered at least one healthy child
  • Has had no complications with a previous pregnancy
  • Height and weight must meet the required Body Mass Index (BMI) criteria- 30 or less
  • Must be financially independent with proven stability- must not be receiving any government assistance
  • Emotionally aware and secure
  • Has a dependable support system
  • Must have a source of reliable transportation
  • If applicable, your partner must also comply with all requirements
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or hold permanent residency status

These essential criteria are mandatory. However, there are additional requirements and expectations for the successful surrogacy candidate. She must follow all strict health guidelines and attend the necessary appointments. And, to ensure the ideal relationship between herself and the intended parents, we expect that our surrogate mothers are compassionate and caring individuals. Her primary motivation for surrogacy should arise from a desire to help the parents in need.

Your life and those of the intended parents you help will be changed forever upon your decision to become a surrogate. However, saying “yes” to carrying the child of another family is no light-hearted decision. While it will bring incredible joy, surrogacy will also be met with several hardships. So, it is important to weigh the benefits and setbacks and to carefully consider if this is for you. There are a few fundamental requirements that we expect of our surrogates. If these pertain to you, it may be indicative that you would be a great fit for the surrogacy process.

Signs that you should become a surrogate:

  1. You have a healthy medical history and lifestyle. We require that our surrogate mothers are generally healthy. This involves a history clear of smoking, alcohol abuse, and mental illness, as well as her maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. These prerequisites will not just ensure the success of your pregnancy and the wellbeing of the child that you carry. It also suggests that you prioritize your health and responsibly manage your wellbeing.
  2. You’re a good communicator. Surrogacy demands excellent communication skills. You will be required to converse with the intended parents and the agency throughout the process to provide them updates and answer questions. Your ability to do this well will enhance the health and quality of your relationships with everyone involved. This also pertains to various doctor’s appointments and checkups. This is why you must naturally have a knack for communication.
  3. You are inherently responsible. We at Future Generation are here for your support in the case that you choose to become a surrogate mother. And it is our goal to provide you with every resource you might need during your pregnancy. However, you must demonstrate care for your health and your partnership with the surrogacy team and the intended parents. Pursuing surrogacy is a daily commitment and responsibility to the family that you aim to help.
  4. You are generous. We ask that our surrogate mothers are primarily motivated by their eagerness to help another family have a child. You must hope to give an individual or couple the gift of parenthood with your generous sacrifice.
  5. Your friends and family support your decision. The surrogacy journey may be stressful and challenging. It will pose several physical and emotional hardships for which you will need support. And though we at Future Generation are here to assist you, you must receive endless encouragement from those closest to you.

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