For Surrogate Mothers

For those who have struggled with either conception, pregnancy, are single or are LGBT, the chance to raise a child may be hopeless.

However, a surrogate mother might offer hope to this important dream of our intended parents.

Surrogacy, the act of carrying a child on behalf of its intended parent(s) who are(is) unable to do so themselves, is a selfless and kind deed. This gratifying journey is exceptionally impactful for not only the intended parents of the child but for the surrogate mother as well.

Surrogacy Process10

A surrogate mother is expected to maintain her health and responsibility to the unborn baby she carries.

It is extremely important that she follow the strict health guidelines provided for her as well as attend necessary appointments for the wellbeing of herself and the baby. At Future Generation, we provide an exceptional support system in which our surrogate mothers have access to legal and medical assistance. We are committed to the diligent and expert care of our wonderful surrogate mothers.

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At Future Generation,

we believe in the value of well-matched surrogate mothers and intended parents.

This relationship is essential to the happy and healthy development of the baby as well as to the positive experience of the surrogate mother and the parents. We hope that through this endeavor together, both parties will enjoy a meaningful connection and partnership. Future Generation is dedicated to the optimization of each surrogacy/parent pairing to ensure a joyful and comfortable surrogacy experience.

Upon your decision to participate in the surrogacy process, it is essential to your experience that you select a dedicated and helpful agency.

We believe that our specialized care and services can provide this and more for you. At Future Generation, we are thoroughly committed to your positive experience. Future Generation is proudly dedicated to the ease and comfort of our surrogate mothers in their participation in this process. If you have decided to become a surrogate mother, we welcome you to learn more about the details here.

The Surrogate Process

Surrogacy Is Indeed An Incredible Journey.

While the process of carrying a child may seem long, this beautiful experience often flies by.

All of the Future Generation surrogate mothers are compassionate and selfless. If you are considering the surrogacy process, you can expect to undergo a life-changing experience. Read below to learn a little bit more about the surrogacy process.


Surrogates are genuinely selfless and have decided to take part in another person’s dream to become a parent. There are several prerequisites for a surrogate mother, and only a select few can take on the challenge.

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Must Reside in the state of California, Nevada, Oregon or Texas

Must be in good physical health, including reproductive health

Must have no significant health issues or concerns

Good Age Range (typically between 21-38 years of age)

Non-smoker, no drug use

Has delivered at least one healthy child

No previous complications with any pregnancy

Meet height and weight guidelines for your body mass index (BMI)

Financially stable/self-supporting (must not be receiving any government assistance)

Emotionally secure

Good support system

Must have reliable transportation

If in a relationship, your partner must also comply with all requirements

U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status

At Future Generation, we genuinely appreciate the kind acts of our surrogates.

This demonstration of compassion can change someone’s life forever and help those who want to become parents to complete their family. We are committed to our surrogate mothers, and we stand by them during every step of this journey. Below is a brief overlook of the surrogate process:

Step 1

Complete Application Form

Fill the application form in great detail. We recommend that you read it multiple times through to ensure it is complete. Our surrogate coordinator will contact you.

Step 2

Consultation with our Surrogate Mother Coordinator

Once your application is complete, you will be contacted for a consultation with our Surrogate Mother Coordinator to discuss the surrogacy process in detail.

Step 3


Our surrogate mother coordinator will conduct an evaluation that considers your medical history, genetics, and physical and psychological information. Intended parents will review your profile and photos. We will arrange a meeting between you and the parents via Skype or in person. The consultant will be present to direct the conversation and ensure all appropriate questions are being asked and answered.

Step 4

Start screenings and paperwork

You will need to undergo medical and psychological testing to become a qualified surrogate mother to ensure a successful and smooth pregnancy in the future.

Step 5

Legal Contract

The legal contract between the intended parents and surrogate will be arranged and signed. You will be offered expert legal counsel and a professional attorney from our referral.

Step 6

IVF medical cycle starts

Upon the completion of your paperwork, you will begin the IVF medical cycle. Your case manager will provide you with important dates and instructions regarding your medication start dates and appointment times. We will also accompany you to significant appointments for your support. During this time, your body is preparing for the embryo transfer.

Step 7

What to expect now that you are PREGNANT

Now is the time you have anticipated: pregnancy. You will continue to see your IVF physician for follow-up ultrasounds and bloodwork to monitor the pregnancy. You will be released to your OBGYN at ten weeks for the remainder of your pregnancy. We will give you full support during pregnancy and in the delivery as well as through any succeeding events.