Emotional Bonding with Your Surrogacy-Born Child

Emotional Bonding with Your Surrogacy-Born Child

The bond of a parent and their child is like no other. It is rooted in love and connectivity and nurtured with shared experiences. There is nothing quite like it. And as you anticipate the arrival of your new child, we can imagine your excitement for these years of parenthood to come! However, such bonding can take place even before your baby is born. During pregnancy, the mother and child develop an emotional connection to one another, referred to as parental attachment. Such a phenomenon encourages the mother’s good health and motivates her nurturing instincts.

In this regard, surrogacy poses a unique challenge. As the intended parent, you will not have the opportunity to participate in this foundational bonding experience. And so, an emotional transfer must take place upon the arrival of your child. This is your opportunity to begin your lifelong bond with your newest family member

Before the Emotional Transfer: 

Although you will not be able to participate in the parental bonding found in pregnancy, there are several ways to develop this attachment with your little one. First, be sure that in everything you do, your child comes first. Focus on their needs and how to attend to their wellbeing. This will initially require your involvement in your surrogate’s pregnancy. Attend doctors appoints, celebrate special events, and offer your support.

During the Emotional Transfer:

The arrival of your baby will be a culmination of the abounding love, trust, and kindness that welcomed your child into the world. This is the most exciting and wonderful part of surrogacy- the very moment for which you’ve been anxiously waiting. And it is the most critical time in which to attend your child’s specific needs.

Upon first meeting your child, invite your surrogate to participate so she can see the completed family she helped create. And as you begin the bonding process, do so slowly and with careful sensory tactics. Skin on skin contact time with your new child is fundamental to this emotional transfer. Bonding through touch is one of the best ways to promote your attachment.

After the Emotional Transfer:

The emotional transfer of your surrogacy-born baby does not stay at the hospital. Continue your mindfulness of this topic as you and your child come home. In doing so, make sure to keep in contact with the surrogate mother and remember that this process will take time. With the bonding experiences you share with your child, you will continue to grow closer.

Surrogacy is challenging for this missed opportunity of parental attachment in the womb. However, it is uniquely beautiful for the communal effort it requires. Your child will be born out of the kindness and selflessness of everyone involved in the surrogacy process. This is the miracle of surrogacy and something worth celebrating!

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