a long awaited

A Long Awaited Baby Boy Success Story!

Thirty-eight weeks had passed since the surrogate mother, Jennifer, conceived when the intended mother arrived to wait for her newborn child. The baby’s long-anticipated arrival was quickly approaching…or so we thought. Upon the 40 week mark, Jennifer was not ready to push. Her pregnancy lasted one more week until she was induced into labor. And upon this event, we rushed to the hospital for her assistance.

Jennifer received outstanding medical attention as she was prepared for induction. However, the wait did not cease on this occasion either. We all waited patiently for an exhausting 24 hours until the healthy, 7lb 10oz. baby boy was born! This was the joyous moment for which we had all longed.

The intended mother could not contain her excitement as she met her brand new child. She held him in absolute adoration and joy for his arrival. Following the birth, our staff, as well as the new mother, gathered around our surrogate in support. The mother cut the umbilical cord and did skin to skin with her baby while the doctor and nurse attended the surrogate. As the excitement receded, we were allowed time to reflect on the success of the birth and the care provided to the surrogate and the baby. They were given a separate room to rest as we all celebrated the joy of the occasion and the fulfillment of our intended mother’s dream.

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