7 Pieces of Tried and True Advice For Fathers

Rookie and veteran fathers alike know just how hard it is to raise a child. With each year, come new challenges, worries, fears, and unknowns. However, the journey is simultaneously accompanied by joy in the child you raise. It is an experience like no other. And while no one can claim expertise in this subject, we hope to offer some advice on this Father’s Day.

Whether you anticipate fatherhood, need some encouragement, or you’re looking for comradery, here are seven pieces of tried and true advice for all fathers:

1. Encourage your kids. Help them understand their value, strengths, and talents. Nurture their interests and encourage their growth! Be careful to never compare your child to others, within or outside of your family. Instead, seek and value their opinions. Urge that they pursue their passions and consider what they have to offer the world around them.

Encourage your kids
father listening to kid problem

2. Practice Listening. When your child comes to you with a problem, they do not always require that it be solved. Sometimes, all it takes for you to demonstrate that you care is a pair of good listening ears. Show compassion and understanding. Make them feel understood before offering advice or criticism. This will earn your right to be heard when you need to step in with words of guidance.

3. Teach them stuff. Whatever might be your expertise, invite your kids to share in your knowledge. And it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. This is simply a great way to connect with your kids and make them feel valued. Your children are always exploring and ceaselessly curious about our amazing world! So, teach them about giraffes and the moon; take them to the museum or out for a camping trip. Invite them to learn and take part yourself.

father teaching stuff to kids
Time with daughter

4. Go on dad dates. Simply put, your children want time with you. This may be among your greatest challenges as time is often scarce. But it is worth the effort to find time, somewhere in your schedule for a one-on-one dad and kid date. The experience will offer a chance to connect and converse without distraction. And it’ll mean the world to your child, making them feel special and valued.

5. Eat dinner together. Once again, a demanding job may not allow nightly dinners without disruption. However, sharing meals as a family is significantly beneficial in a myriad of ways. So, it is important that you seize every opportunity! Dinners will allow time to ask about each others’ days, to discuss stories, share advice and laugh together. Make sure to prioritize a family-shared meal without the TV or any other distractions. You and your children will appreciate the special time.

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen
Don’t take yourself too seriously

6. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Kids are inherently silly, and there’s nothing they love more than when an adult can join in on the fun. So, forget about looking cool or keeping a straight face and get ready to enter a world of imagination. You may find yourself in a new country or on another planet- you might even be an animal or a made up creature. Let your kids lead the way and never stop playing!

7. Everything you worry about today will seem silly in a couple of years. Concerned about your child’s fussiness, a scraped knee or maybe their middle school drama? Some things are beyond your control- you may merely need to them let go. So, worry less and laugh more often. Enjoy these moments while they last!

Enjoy moments with kids
Happy Father's Day

Being a dad is the greatest honor, joy, and challenge you will face. And there’s no one ideal method or piece of advice for being a dad. But with a good sense of humor and a whole lot of patience, you’ll survive anything your kids throw at you! You’ve got this dad! And Happy Father’s Day!

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