Mother’s Day Celebration

7 Mother’s Day Celebrations From Around The World

Motherhood is a Vocation Like No Other.

Her days consist of booger wiping, diaper changing, and aiding a scraped knee. She is never off duty- sleep is often interrupted by a child’s cry, she wakes up early and stays up late, and has little time to just herself. And as her children grow, she is a graceful teacher, wise and helpful and always there to listen. Motherhood takes a very special person. And it seems that the experience permeates all cultures and countries. That’s why this Mother’s Day, we took a look at celebrations around the world.

Most countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May- this year landing on May 12. These countries include most of Europe, Australia, South Africa, and China. Celebrations often involve hallmark traditions including flowers, gifts cards, etc. However some honor their amazing moms on other days of the year. You’ll even find different names for the holiday and a variety of unique traditions!

Mothers Day
  • France:

    Mother’s Day or “Fetes Des Meres” is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of May. And although it occurs on a different day, it’s celebratory traditions are similar to those of the U.S. Festivities include flowers, cards, and sweets.

  • China:

    Mother’s Day is a new but widely popular holiday in China. It too has several similarities to the holiday we know here in the U.S. However, carnations are the flower of choice for Chinese moms.

  • United Kingdom:

    On the fourth Sunday of Lent, the U.K. celebrates Mothering Sunday. On this day, families traditionally attend church together and devote time to spend with one another. This day also shares many similarities with the American Mother’s Day.

  • Mexico

    Here, Mother’s Day is taken quite seriously. According to the Washington Post, it is consistently the busiest day of the year for Mexican restaurants. They are packed with families celebrating their mother and perhaps giving her a break from cooking dinner. This day also typically includes flowers, music, food and even a morning serenade called the “Las Mananitas.”

  • Russia:

    In the former Soviet Union, it was on International Women’s Day on March 8 that mothers were celebrated. This day commemorated not only moms but all women, in a demonstration of hope for gender equality. Now it is an internationally celebrated holiday! And in 1998, post-Soviet Russia welcomed a day just for mothers to the calendar. Mother’s day here is celebrated on the last Sunday in November.

  • Egypt and several Arab countries:

    In several Middle Eastern countries, Mother’s Day takes place on March 21, the first day of Spring. This date, though unique to the rest of the world, is representative of new life found in Spring and motherhood alike. The celebration involves gift giving and family dinners.

  • Thailand:

    In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 12, also the birthday of the Thailand Queen Sirikit. Ceremonies and parades celebrate both occasions. And for mothers, jasmine is the gift of choice.

Wonderful mothers and days dedicated to their celebration can be found all over the world. Moms are deserving of all the flowers, parades, serenading songs, and meals out that we can offer. So, however you celebrate your mom, make sure that she knows just how much you appreciate her, not only on this day, but every day of the year!

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