5 Things You Should Know About Egg Donation

Egg donation is an exciting opportunity in which you can fulfill the dreams of an intended parent. For so many, one’s hopes of raising a child are made impossible for a variety of reasons. However, with egg donation, this hope is restored. As an egg donor, you give an individual or couple the chance to have a family. And this is the greatest gift you could ever give. With this selfless act, you provide an opportunity for life!

If you’ve considered egg donation, you may have a few questions. There are several steps to its lengthy process, so you’ll likely require some clarification. So, before you dive into the wonderful journey of egg donation and all of its rewards, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Understand the process as well as its benefits and setbacks.egg donation

What you should know about egg donation

1. Egg donation requires a series of psychological and physical screenings. Before you begin this long process, your physician will want to ensure that you’re psychologically prepared and able. Additionally, they will check several aspects of your physical health. Make sure to take note that according to FDA regulations, you may be disqualified in the 12 months after receiving a tattoo in non-sterile conditions. Your doctor may also check your travel history in case you have visited a Zika-affected country within six months. Besides these strict regulatory checks, you will undergo a physical exam to determine your fertility and reproductive health. The exam will involve taking blood work and conducting an ultrasound. These will provide vital information about your likelihood for producing a good outcome and your number of available eggs. Such an extensive physical screening can be beneficial to the egg donor, whether or not she is chosen to donate as such insight into her own fertility may not otherwise be accessible.

2. Egg donation is highly regulated. When you decide to donate your eggs, you can be sure that the process is safe, following tried and true procedures. This is because the FDA treats egg donation like any other tissue donation process. It follows the same rules and regulations placed upon organ donation.

3. You will be matched with an intended parent before starting your egg donation process. This amazing step in the process allows you to meet the individual or couple that you will be helping. You’ll get a glimpse into their lives and their hope for parenthood as you build a relationship with them. We hope that your entire journey through egg donation is built upon the ambition to provide for someone, the gift of a family. With this initial meeting, you and the intended parent(s) will begin your process, side by side.

4. Egg donation can be a lengthy endeavor. The initial screening process for your physical and mental health typically takes about four weeks to complete. After you are chosen as an egg donor, you will begin your cycle. Two to three weeks in, you will have a baseline appointment wherein you’ll undergo blood work and an ultrasound. Positive results from these tests will initiate your medication injections that stimulate eggs to grow and mature in your ovaries. In this stage, you will inject yourself each day, followed by a monitoring appointment, for ten days. Your final injection, the HCG trigger shot, will prompt your egg retrieval, which will begin 34-36 hours later. While the entire process can take some time, the egg retrieval appointment is quick, taking only 20 minutes. We advise, however, that this is not done without sufficient rest following your appointment.

5. Most women who donate their eggs can resume their daily responsibilities and activities during the donation process. Though it is essential that you take your medications as instructed and on time, you will likely be able to continue working or attending school easily. However, you are required to go to all appointments, making your health a top priority.

Egg donation can be a long and intrusive process. However, if you believe that you are suited to donate, you will embark on a fulfilling process as you help a hopeful parent in need. With altruistic motivations, you will make a life-changing impact on the family that you help. If you are considering egg donation, be sure to reach out to us at Future Generation! We would love to walk alongside you as you embark on this journey!

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